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Picture 105InDialogue

InDialogue: Jena Osman and Nadia Sirota

Nadia Sirota: Hello Jena! Jena Osman: Hey there. NS: How’s your Monday thus far? JO: Very fragmented mentally. How’s your day going? NS: Eh, okay. The year always starts off kind of crazytown and I haven’t yet figured out howmore…

Picture 104InDialogue

InDialogue: Jonathan Baumbach and Lawrence Raab

The below conversation between novelist Jonathan Bambach, author of numerous books including his most recent, Dreams of Molly, and poet Lawrence Raab, who has also authored many collections including The History of Forgetting, took place over email in October ofmore…

Picture 102InDialogue

InDialogue: Jimmy Wallenstein and James Snapko

In this InDialogue Jimmy Wallenstein, an author who just released his debut novel titled The Arriviste [Milkweed Editions, 2011], talks with film director James Snapko, whose features include Further North and Sucker Lake Park, he also just had a shortmore…

Picture 101InDialogue

The Cantatrice: Mark E. Cecil and Akwetey Oracca-Tetteh

Some writers approach their craft with subtle whispers of intent, tinkering, and dabbling towards their passion over years of paper napkin prose and half deleted ideas. Then with imminent focus, the arrival of la primera, or first book is welcomed.more…

Picture 100InDialogue

InDialogue: Arthur Phillips and John Reed

In early April, just over a week before the release of Arthur Phillips’ newest novel, The Tragedy of Arthur, I had coffee with Phillips and another author, John Reed. The Tragedy of Arthur is a farce about an author namedmore…

Picture 99InDialogue

InDialogue: J.A. Tyler & Judd Greenstein

This installment of InDialogue features a discussion between author and editor J.A. Tyler and musician and composer Judd Greenstein. J.A. Tyler is the author of the novel(la) Inconceivable Wilson as well as a number of chapbooks. He is also themore…

Picture 98InDialogue

InDialogue: Eddie Argos and Dan Jurgens

A discussion between musician Eddie Argos (Art Brut, Everybody Was in the French Resistance…Now!) and comic book writer/artist Dan Jurgens (Booster Gold, Adventures of Superman, countless others). Eddie Argos: I received a nice email from a mutual friend of oursmore…

Picture 96InDialogue

InDialogue: Akwetey Orraca-Tetteh and David Breslin

Terror and Lungs: a talk between David Breslin, Doctoral candidate in History of Art and Architecture at Harvard University, and Akwetey Orraca-Tetteh, artist and member of the band Dragons of Zynth. Akwetey Orraca-Tetteh: Alas! David Breslin: Ahoy! AO: Hope theremore…

Picture 94InDialogue

InDialogue: Peter Bognanni and Franz Nicolay

Peter Bognanni’s debut novel, The House of Tomorrow, centers on Sebastian, an awkward teen living in a dome in the middle of Iowa. His life is forever changed when he meets Jared, a punk-loving teen with a heart transplant, hemore…

Picture 93InDialogue

InDialogue: Chris Koza and Alex Lemon

Poet and memoirist Alex Lemon and musician Chris Koza are in the midst of what have to be the busiest times in both of their careers.  In the last six months Lemon has released his much-anticipated memoir Happy and amore…

Picture 92InDialogue

InDialogue: Sharon Van Etten and Jessica Larrabee (She Keeps Bees)

Sharon van Etten and Jessica Larrabee are two of the more interesting and promising song-writers around. Both have a unique style that takes turns on the expectations from singer-songwriters. Their lyrics have a literary quality, their voices simultaneously soulful, gritty,more…

Picture 89InDialogue

InDialogue: Catherine Michele Adams and J.C. Hallman

Photographer/Editor Catherine Michele Adams and writer J.C. Hallman live together in St. Paul, Minnesota. This discussion was conducted via Facebook. There were several preliminary discussions (some going back years, actually), some shared preparatory reading, and an aborted first effort atmore…

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