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Names of the Legion

In the war I had four names. At that time the Western imperial army corps was still known throughout the provinces as the Legion of the Duchy. We in the Legion were the coronal, the elite; and among all themore…

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Names of the Legion

Listen: “Names of the Legion” by Lech Harris


The Prisoner: A Fable

The prisoner Ivan, in the few months he had served of his life sentence, had already earned himself a singular reputation for unmanageability, displaying the most wanton disregard for authority, order, and good sense, and employing all manner of stuntsmore…


Interior Illusions

a novella excerpt by Lech Harris WHAT ARE INTERIOR ILLUSIONS? Interior illusions, or “sunken pictures,” are private images that the mind conjures up when gazing upon a particular object or pattern. These images are visual in nature; that is tomore…


My Matriculation

by Lech Harris I was seven years old when my parents brought me to university. Even from the vantage of hindsight the circumstances that contributed to this improbable development seem to me murky and inaccessible. Yet the fact remains: Imore…



Little-known facts about the 1978 Jonestown cult massacre: 1. The American Special Forces personnel that were airdropped into Jonestown after the massacre gave it the nickname, “Dozetown,” because from above it looked as if the whole village was sprawled outmore…

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