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The Terror of Fatherly Frailty

On December 21, 2013, I became a father for the first time. However, I feel like I should qualify what I’m going to say before I even say it, lest I alienate ~90 percent of my audience before this essaymore…

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Mr. Twitchy by Joseph Michael Owens

AS ONE OF THE AGENCY’S TWO UA DEPARTMENT SUPERVISORS, Travis McEvoy feels he’s in a position that really suits him, career-wise, after having worked six years as a Douglas County probation officer. McEvoy is rarely seen wearing anything other thanmore…

Nebula Monster 1News

Geek News Roundup #42

32 books that George R.R. Martin says inspired ‘Game of Thrones‘ Tesla gets his revenge on Thomas Edison through the power of rap  Random House no longer trying to convince newbie authors to give away the store Altered Hubble imagesmore…

Deus ex machinaNews

There Is No Spoon #5: Our Immortality

I’ve been working on this “thing” for a while now and it’s pretty, well, gigantic in scope. I don’t think I’m ready to divulge all the details yet, but some of them have been really in the forefront of mymore…


There Is No Spoon #4: A Singularity

In astronomy, a(the?) singularity [sing-gyuh-lar-i-tee][1] is a hypothetical point in spacetime at which matter is infinitely compressed into an infinitesimal volume. (It’s also an acceptable representation of a black hole in mathematics.) Ray Kurtzweil believes the singularity will occur oncemore…

Short Lean Cuts1Reviews

Books InReview: Short Lean Cuts

I’m no saint. I’m no sinner either. Just the worst possible human being you can imagine: I’m bored. I’ve been revising my review of Alex Pruteanu’s Short Lean Cuts for a while now. I’ve read it twice and I lovemore…

Post OfficeNews

American Life in Poetry: Column 398

David Hernandez is a Californian who knows how to have a good time with his writing. Here’s a delightful flight of fancy based on a negotiation with a postal clerk. At the Post Office The line is long, processional, glacial,more…

Icelandic Lights1News

Geek News Roundup #41

Icelandic lights Could you actually have an LSD flashback decades after taking the drug? Watch Groucho Marx try to stump Ray Bradbury on You Bet Your Life From Dishonored to The Difference Engine — A Short History Of Steampunk Feynmanmore…


There Is No Spoon: #3

After talking about as-of-yet intangible ideas like parallel universes and self-replicating artificial intelligences for the past two weeks (and, oddly enough, watching the presidential debate), I thought I’d bring ‘the Spoon’ back to our somewhat more palpable, observable world (whilemore…


There Is No Spoon: #2

What would you do if you had the ability to move between parallel universes, to interact with yourself, who’s you, though of course only ever so slightly different? Would you use this ability for good or evil? If you’ve watchedmore…

Noosphere copyNews

Geek News Roundup #40

What comes next after the Noosphere? Private SpaceX Cargo Ship Launching ‘New Era’ for Space Station Today Dilithium Crystals Could Power Hypothetical Star Trek-Style Warp Drive Conserve Your Willpower: It Runs Out How Westeros would look in Super Mario Worldmore…

old absinthe spoonNews

There Is No Spoon: #1

It feels almost impossible to kick off the reboot of “There is No Spoon” without talking about Fringe — both the TV show with which I’m currently obsessed and the branch of science dedicated to phenomena almost too weird tomore…

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