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Geek News Roundup #39

Six mysteries that could be solved with time travel Quantum Computing Simplified How Awe Stops Your Clock  Einstein’s Brain Goes Digital With iPad App Eternal Clock Could Keep Time After Universe Dies  Window to Genius: New Einstein Papers Reveal Strugglesmore…


Viriconium: A Review Redux

I recently read M. John Harrison’s Viriconium and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. After finishing the first three novellas in the Viriconium omnibus (The Pastel City, A Storm of Wings, and In Viriconium, plus seven more short stories), I remembermore…

Underwater Billiards Room2News

Geek News Roundup #38

The century-old remains of the windowed billiard room an eccentric millionaire built — underwater Breaking Bad Tribute Video: The Journey of Walter White Creativity Predicts a Longer Life Wikipedia admin to Philip Roth: You are not a credible source onmore…


American Life in Poetry: Column 389

Perhaps by the time this column appears, our economy will have improved and people who want to work can find good work. Minnie Bruce Pratt, who lives in Syracuse, N.Y., has a new book, mentioned below, in which there aremore…


Blurring Categorical Lines: Literary- vs. Genre-Fiction (part 1)

During my MFA program, I was obsessed with the blurry lines that exist between genres. Then, specifically, I was interested in the blurry line that exists between fiction and nonfiction. If reality is perception, and perception is determined through themore…

Mars Curiosity 1News

Geek News Roundup #37

Batcave-inspired home theater would fit right in at Wayne Manor  Behold the mutant creature who lives under your house, Wormface! Read what you want. GAME OF THRONES 8-Bit RPG Recap of Season 2 Original NES Zelda Prototype For Sale Marsmore…

Shadow and Claw 2News

Gene Wolfe’s Shadow & Claw: A Review

It’s no secret that we at InDigest love us some of HBO’s Game of Thrones series and the books that inspired it, George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. There’s a sort of dead space right now with no newmore…

Mayan Sun God copyNews

Geek News Roundup #36

New Maya temple found covered in giant faces A home from home: Five planets that could host life A hint of a chance makes inequity easier to take Animal Speed Stats: Usain Bolt and other record holders vs. animals Lucid Dreamersmore…

Hungary Toxic Waste copyNews

Geek News Roundup #35

These photos from Hungary’s 2010 toxic waste flood see half a world dyed red Six-year-old girl tries to guess the plots of classic novels based on their covers 3D printing technology could let you print your pharmaceuticals at home Thismore…

Laser_preamplifier2_blue copyNews

Geek News Roundup #34

Five hundred trillion watts — i.e. 1,000x the current power usage of the United States — poured into a single laser blast (above) “The Big Bang or the Big Bounce?” — New Science Points to a Continuum Passing the baton ofmore…

Screen Shot 2012-06-30 at 9.03.19 PMNews

Geek News Roundup

What It’s Like to Fly A Top-Secret Spy Plane: A Conversation with a Badass Pilot [Q&A] Why yes, we would like this lightning bolt laser gun for diabolical purposes at our ultra top-secret InDigest HQ Lair! Ancient Chinese pottery confirmedmore…

Screen Shot 2012-06-30 at 8.55.42 PMNews

Game of Thrones’ Wild Season 2: What We Liked and Didn’t Like

Game of Thrones wrapped up its second season on June 3rd. While besting the first season in many areas including- but not limited to- its sheer spectacle, there were definitely more deviations from its source material, A Clash of Kings,more…

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