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The Lyric Sheet: Cloud Cult – “Good Friend”

Good Friend by Cloud Cult Oh this life is so strange, you need a sense of humor. The maker is half caretaker and half joker. We are not broken ones…just shattered pieces of the same bright sun, trying to figuremore…

Dark DArk Dark featuredMusic

The Lyric Sheet: Dark Dark Dark, songs from “Who Needs Who”

Meet in the Dark lyrics by Nona Invie Meet in the dark Meet in the dark Oh you can hide behind A cloudy night. And you can hide behind A cloudy night. And you Oh you can’t find me nowmore…

The Last NamesMusic

The Lyric Sheet: The Last Names, Songs from “Wilderness”

Wilderness I I beg the wilderness to take me back To tear me stone from stone and grow up through the cracks And I will promise not to build the walls again They don’t just keep it out, they alsomore…

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The Lyric Sheet: Franz Nicolay’s “Do The Struggle”

Do the Struggle Had a spring fling in Flinn Springs Made some surprisingly fast life decisions Got lost up in those rubble-strewn hills Yellow flowers in the heating grill Windmill farm, Tecate Divide Jacumba to the Devil’s Canyon, roll themore…

Picture 128Music

The Lyric Sheet: Here We Go Magic – “Over the Ocean”

OVER THE OCEAN over the ocean / thought I heard voices / reflected voices / satellite message / isn’t it something, the realizing / silver dots marking, endless horizon / over the ocean, we’ll have a vodka / your cardmore…


The Lyric Sheet: Wooden Wand – “Passin’ Thru”

Passin’ Thru by Wooden Wand (James Jackson Toth) There’s a stretch of road in Wyoming across a timeless interstate You can drive a hundred miles and not see a Wyoming license plate Just some truckers and some hard luck bandsmore…

Picture 123Music

The Lyric Sheet: Sea of Bees – “TEETH”

TEETH I remember her white teeth, Yeah her crooked teeth, crooked teeth and they dance with me they danced on my first kiss. She was the gold and I was white, And they took me to the ledge and saidmore…

Picture 119Music

The Lyric Sheet: Sharon van Etten – “All I Can”

All I Can The sun is at stake and I’m at your window Beyond all sleep and I can’t speak In all Tokyo, translate memories that I cannot free, but what will it take? We all make mistakes. We allmore…

Picture 111Music

The Lyric Sheet: Songs from Richard Buckner’s “Our Blood”

Escape Let’s waste the night; pay the price and get out of here. It’s not enough, backing out just to disappear without a fight they’ll never know we’ve won. How’d you know where to go and when to stop tomore…

Picture 109Music

The Lyric Sheet: “East Harlem” by Zach Condon

“East Harlem” lyrics by Zach Condon music performed by Beirut from the album Rip Tide Another rose wilts in East Harlem And uptown downtown, a thousand miles between us She is waiting for the night to fall, Let it fallmore…

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