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Girl ModelReviews

InReview: Girl Model

“If you haven’t decided what your child should be doing yet,” announces a Russian-language voiceover during the opening scene of Girl Model, “Then perhaps you can offer them a modeling career.” The flaws in this line of thinking are likelymore…


InReview: Photographic Memory

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Ross McElwee became known for his involvement in the cinéma vérité movement. He was specifically known for being one of the few participants in the movement to use—and redeem—voiceover narration. A few decadesmore…

BLANCANIEVES-Poster-final copyReviews

Film InReview: ‘Blancanieves’

Director: Pablo Berger (Spain, 2012) Runtime: 104 minutes If we confirmed one old suspicion in 2012, it was this: Hollywood cannot be trusted with a fairy tale. They’re too busy accommodating various groups—Publicists, corporate sponsors, the MPAA—to do a storymore…

consuming spirits 1Reviews

InReview: Consuming Spirits

“Consuming spirits main motivation for bar crowd, followed by loneliness, then cable sports.” This headline, pulled from the fictitious newspaper around which much of Consuming Spirits’ plot revolves, situates the film within a tradition of dirtily realistic animated pieces. Chrismore…


Films InReview: Price Check

“You need to get into the spirit of things,” hisses Parker Posey’s character, Susan, in Michael Walker’s Price Check. “This is supposed to be”—and here she sounds vaguely sinister—“fun.” Indeed. Within the first half-hour of the film, this Susan, anmore…

cafe-de-flore-2011 (2)Reviews

Film Review: Café de Flore

Café de Flore—named not for the storied Parisian haunt, but for the song that ties the plot together—breathes new life into a number of old concepts. The film, written and directed by Jean-Marc Vallée and starring Vanessa Paradis, Kevin Parent,more…

White TigerReviews

Film Review: White Tiger

“People are always… They’re cowards, or they’re brave, or they’re fumbling around—taking risks.” Much is made of the tightropes one must walk when making a film in which war is a central theme. It might be more accurate to saymore…


Chicken with Plums: A Review

Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud’s latest collaboration, Chicken with Plums, is a variation on a theme that the pair is becoming known for: The juxtaposition of the cartoonish and the bleak. Their 2007 effort, Persepolis, is cartoonish in the literalmore…

Art permanent revolution copyNews

Art Is… The Permanent Revolution: A Review

Glancing up from an intricate work-in-progress to level with the camera, etcher Sigmund Abeles says that the best part of being an artist is being able to choose your own ancestors. He proceeds to name a few of his adoptedmore…

Picture 131Reviews

Film Review: “The Forgiveness of Blood”

In a small Albanian village, teenagers fiddle with their cell phones and discuss the Internet business they would like to open someday. In the background, their parents can be seen driving by in horse-drawn carts. Though director Joshua Marston (Mariamore…

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