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Dave Rollins

I’ve been familiar with Dave Rollins’ small-scale sculpture and metalsmithing work for years, so seeing his recent series of large pedestal sculptures that he presented for his MFA thesis “Fully Saturated” at Cranbrook Academy, I was surprised at what seemedmore…

Abraham Boob-Beard LincolnGallery

Emily Deutchman

I was immediately taken by artist Emily Deutchman’s recent series “President with Boob Faces” as soon as I came across it. In theory the subject matter fits in seamlessly with much of the low-brow amusement we find on the internet,more…

Picture 2News

Emily Deutchman Gallery Opening

New York artist Emily Deutchman’s humorous and surreal watercolor series “Presidents with Boob Faces” will be featured in our next issue, but this weekend you have the chance to see it in person. Her show featuring all 44 presidents ismore…


The InDigest Awards: Top 10 Drunk Google Searches of 2011

Top 10 drunk Google searches of 2011: 10. u2 lyrics 9. billy zane sunglasses 8. PARTY HAT! 7. matchbox 20 wiki 6. are sheep bovines 5. DICK GLITTER!!! 4. books 3. america is great eagle 2. i love email 1.more…

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