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December 17 by Matt Petronzio

December 17

Adam Deutsch featured imagePoetry

Two Poems by Adam Deutsch

Pre-War Bicycles stacked in this basement add up to either eighty dollars in scrap or a monkey bar obstacle course to the damn water main, frozen again. We thrash down lumber steps for lessons on how to sweep, monkish belowmore…

NW Hall featured imagePoetry

for missy and the girls by N.W. Hall

for missy & the girls of mice and men would’ve been better if lennie had shot himself many men & women are up tonight hoping to die of masturbation or maybe just a stroke george only did all the thinkingmore…

Jeff hipsher photoPoetry

Two Poems by Jeff Hipsher

There Is Nothing Either Of Us Can Do To Prevent This From Taking Place In A Valley In the guts of the coolest office building The mirror at the bottom of every water fountain drains its slow powerless river intomore…

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 3.16.40 PMNarratives

Mr. Twitchy by Joseph Michael Owens

AS ONE OF THE AGENCY’S TWO UA DEPARTMENT SUPERVISORS, Travis McEvoy feels he’s in a position that really suits him, career-wise, after having worked six years as a Douglas County probation officer. McEvoy is rarely seen wearing anything other thanmore…

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A Poem by Lisa Marie Basile

I take baths        in white milk & try to close up as virgins do for you when you enter. Love is two bodies        trampolining isnt it, my baby? I am all covered in tears exhaustive you tried to leave memore…

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 1.21.08 PMPoetry

A Poem By Christopher Rey Pérez

I’m in Brazil but I’ve been living in Argentina      The bus is cold ~full of spiders~      Eyes the size of my hearts      like morning stars in ice chests      Dumb bobo’s not only mine Saída de emergência two seats down      Whomore…

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 12.21.51 AMPoetry

#8 by Cement Pond LLC

#8 –summer goth Okay Bombshell, there was a time you came to the house just to see my much older sister/steal the cat’s medication. An enormous white man sat in his car blasting “Mashed Potato Time,” while you did yourmore…

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 12.13.55 AMPoetry

Two Poems by Stephanie Barber

THE SHAMA BIRD IN 1889 from jhana and the rats of james olds Collaboration with Jenny Graf Sheppard THE SHAMA BIRD IN 1889 from jhana and the rats of james olds from stephanie barber on Vimeo. TIME IS RUNNING OUTmore…

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 12.06.58 AMPoetry

Three Poems by Colin Dodds

- No more verbs. Straight noun phrases suffice. Stumbling navels, a song about a wound and a womb, soft breasts cutting the air, men who brag about fucking snakes, the conversation between the colors and the numbers, the evidence ofmore…

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 11.56.27 PMPoetry

Freckles by Summer Pierre

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 9.31.05 AMPoetry

All Night Long by Frederick Pollack

All Night Long The owl or outdoor cat or neighborhood dog-with-a-secret who killed you, owes you, so that if you line up nicely between clueless lizards, big old beetles, and cats that hunger or cars got (they’re still pushy, butmore…

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