sea god 300Reviews

InReview: John Domini’s The Sea-God’s Herb

I often get frustrated when I want to look deeper into a book than I was able to do myself and am not able to find much that does so. I sometimes find a lot of reviews that tell memore…

Dont Start Me Talkin 300Reviews

InReview: Don’t Start Me Talkin’

As Tom Williams showed us in The Mimic’s Own Voice, identity is a curious thing. Imagine if the only way to be who you are is to pretend to be someone you are not. That’s what we’ve got going inmore…

Coldfront LogoNews

Go on. Support Coldfront.

Go on. Support Coldfront. They’re doing great things, publishing smart reviews, and generally supporting poetry in ways that not many publications online are. So, give a little. It’s that time of year or whatever anyhow.

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 1.14.28 PMNews

Trailer for Steven Karl’s “Dork Swagger”

Steven Karl, who has previously appeared in InDigest and on the podcast, has just released his debut full-length poetry collection Dork Swagger (Coconut Books, 2013). Check out the trailer above, soundtracked by a great Bardo Pond tune, then get themore…

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 12.01.32 AMNews

Issue #26 Is Up! / Submissions Are Open!

BEGIN DISPATCH Hello friends. It’s been a little while. We are back. What are we back with? Issue 26 of InDigest. It’s an issue full of lovely, fearsome poems, strange stories, a novel excerpt, videopoetry, and a poetry comic. We’remore…

Improvised MenBlog

InReview: The Natural Dissolution of Fleeting-Improvised-Men

I was interested when I was offered an advance review copy of The Natural Dissolution of Fleeting-Improvised-Men by Gabriel Blackwell. After all, though I hadn’t read Shadow Man, my familiarity with Blackwell’s Critique of Pure Reason suggested that I’d enjoymore…

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 3.02.12 PMNews

We’re Back. Here’s a New Issue.

It’s been a little while coming, but we’ve launched a new issue of InDigest. It’s a damn good one, I think. There are a lot of reasons this issue was delayed so long. I’ll sum them up by saying thatmore…

Bones BuriedReviews

InReview: Bones Buried in the Dirt

“I liked my balloon, but then I saw my sister’s balloon. She ran all around our yard with it. The balloon streamed behind her like a pretty ribbon. I don’t like my balloon anymore.” David Atkinson fosters nostalgia from memoriesmore…

Girl ModelReviews

InReview: Girl Model

“If you haven’t decided what your child should be doing yet,” announces a Russian-language voiceover during the opening scene of Girl Model, “Then perhaps you can offer them a modeling career.” The flaws in this line of thinking are likelymore…


InReview: Photographic Memory

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Ross McElwee became known for his involvement in the cinéma vérité movement. He was specifically known for being one of the few participants in the movement to use—and redeem—voiceover narration. A few decadesmore…

Circuits of the Wind2Reviews

InReview: Circuits of the Wind

I usually don’t review a series all at one time, preferring to take a look at individual books on their own. However, I picked up all three volumes of Circuits of the Wind by Michael Stutz at the same timemore…

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