Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 9.33.58 PMMusic

The Lyric Sheet: Cloud Cult – “Good Friend”

Good Friend by Cloud Cult Oh this life is so strange, you need a sense of humor. The maker is half caretaker and half joker. We are not broken ones…just shattered pieces of the same bright sun, trying to figuremore…

Dorian Wood Rattle RattleMusic

Dorian Wood’s Rattle Rattle Trailer

Dorian Wood has been working on his latest album, Rattle Rattle, for over four years, and within the InDigest Offices it’s highly anticipated. We’ve talked about him a number of times, whether it was us loving his cover of Tommore…

Franz NicolayMusic

Recording Journal: Franz Nicolay’s “Do the Struggle”

I wanted to work with someone with a muscular aesthetic of their own. Most of the songs — “Hearts of Boston,” “Did Your Broken Heart,” “Frankie Stubbs,” “Cuckoo,” — had been in the set for almost a year, and Imore…

Dark Dark Dark band featuredMusic

Dark Dark Dark Recording Journal for “Who Needs Who”

You know, there was a time last year, whenever the Calgary Folk Festival happens, that we thought we had to hurry up and get some completed recordings of new material. The music supervisors at the Twilight movies were enjoying ourmore…

Screen Shot 2012-10-31 at 11.46.26 PMMusic

Get Free Music for Voting from Rogue Valley

Rogue Valley is celebrating the release of the vinyl compendium of their four season albums, written and released in a single year, on November 24th at the Cedar Cultural Center. Meanwhile those four albums are currently available at their sitemore…


Cellist Mariel Roberts on Nonextraneous Sounds

Given the content of her album, Nonextraneous Sounds, the grace with which cellist Mariel Roberts conducts conversation shouldn’t be surprising. Somehow, though, it’s a shock when a musician can both execute such demanding repertoire and be able to speak eloquentlymore…

Dark DArk Dark featuredMusic

The Lyric Sheet: Dark Dark Dark, songs from “Who Needs Who”

Meet in the Dark lyrics by Nona Invie Meet in the dark Meet in the dark Oh you can hide behind A cloudy night. And you can hide behind A cloudy night. And you Oh you can’t find me nowmore…

The Last NamesMusic

The Lyric Sheet: The Last Names, Songs from “Wilderness”

Wilderness I I beg the wilderness to take me back To tear me stone from stone and grow up through the cracks And I will promise not to build the walls again They don’t just keep it out, they alsomore…


Careful’s New Recording Sings Softly, Carries Major Stick

Eric Lindley’s recording alias Careful surpassed a Kickstarter goal by a precarious nine dollars back in April. Those nine bucks were good news to listeners who enjoyed 2010’s Oh Light, which earned Careful a pick in the New York Timesmore…

Screen shot 2012-08-08 at 1.45.50 PMMusic

The Lyric Sheet: Franz Nicolay’s “Do The Struggle”

Do the Struggle Had a spring fling in Flinn Springs Made some surprisingly fast life decisions Got lost up in those rubble-strewn hills Yellow flowers in the heating grill Windmill farm, Tecate Divide Jacumba to the Devil’s Canyon, roll themore…

Picture 19Music

Ten Great Tom Waits Covers

Between Tom Waits’ recent performance on the David Letterman show, which was the first time he played tracks from his most recent album Bad As Me in public, and the recent YouTube video of Dorian Wood covering “Earth Died Screaming,”more…

Screen Shot 2012-06-30 at 8.40.32 PMMusic

Merzbow and Balazs Pandi Live in Brooklyn

Like noise? Most people don’t, and, while I do, Merzbow — aka Japanese noise / electronic musician Masami Akita — is a great example of what noise is capable of. Insanely prolific, Merzbow claims to have released over 250 recordingsmore…

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