InReview: Photographic Memory

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Ross McElwee became known for his involvement in the cinéma vérité movement. He was specifically known for being one of the few participants in the movement to use—and redeem—voiceover narration. A few decadesmore…

Circuits of the Wind2Reviews

InReview: Circuits of the Wind

I usually don’t review a series all at one time, preferring to take a look at individual books on their own. However, I picked up all three volumes of Circuits of the Wind by Michael Stutz at the same timemore…

Understories 2Reviews

InReview: Tim Horvath’s ‘Understories’

Bellevue Literary Press 256 pages $14.95 ISBN: 9781934137444 I have always loved strange stories. Whether centering on weird phenomenon, presented in a bizarre manner, or what have you, oddity has always captured my interest. Really, I think this is truemore…

alpha mike foxtrot copyReviews

InReview: Alpha Mike Foxtrot

I’m still trying to collect my thoughts on what I think of Alpha Mike Foxtrot by John L. Sheppard. It struck a chord with me, and the echoes of that haven’t quieted right away. They just reverberate, getting softer butmore…


InReview: Colson Whitehead’s ZONE ONE

Normally I don’t go for zombie fiction. I have to admit; I was a little hesitant about picking up Zone One by Colin Whitehead. At least it isn’t vampire fiction, right? I f*#%ckin’ hate vampires. Of course, I do gomore…


Books InReview: Lovelylady Road

Somewhere between Mark Twain’s sardonic wit and William Faulkner’s unfettered pathos lies Lovelady Road, C. Robin Jordan’s novel about Ruth Anna, a young girl growing up in Tennessee in the 1980s. Set in the land of moonshiners and Pentecostal holymore…

BLANCANIEVES-Poster-final copyReviews

Film InReview: ‘Blancanieves’

Director: Pablo Berger (Spain, 2012) Runtime: 104 minutes If we confirmed one old suspicion in 2012, it was this: Hollywood cannot be trusted with a fairy tale. They’re too busy accommodating various groups—Publicists, corporate sponsors, the MPAA—to do a storymore…


InReview: On the Run in Siberia

On the Run in Siberia blends memoir, history, and anthropology as our author, Rane Willerslev, a professor of anthropology at the University of Oslo, embeds himself as a young man among the Yukaghir, an indigenous people of the forbidding northeasternmore…


InReview: Jagannath

Thirteen stories full of the uncanny, the dark, the beautiful make up Karin Tidbeck’s short story collection Jagannath, which is, to put it mildly, an amazing début. If the blurbs from writers like Ursula K Le Guin have not convincedmore…

third-reich-bolano 300Reviews

InReview: The Third Reich

This book is awesome. I have no idea what it’s about. Here’s what I can tell you. Our narrator is Udo Berger, a 25-year old German war-game champion who’s on vacation with his lovely girlfriend, Ingeborg. They’re staying at amore…

people of tomorrow are not afraid300Reviews

InReview: The People of Forever Are Not Afraid

Americans spend a lot of time talking about Israel, but I don’t think most have the first clue as to what it is like to actually live there. I know I certainly don’t. Modern Israel seems like such a strangemore…

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