Dave Rollins

I’ve been familiar with Dave Rollins’ small-scale sculpture and metalsmithing work for years, so seeing his recent series of large pedestal sculptures that he presented for his MFA thesis “Fully Saturated” at Cranbrook Academy, I was surprised at what seemedmore…

Abraham Boob-Beard LincolnGallery

Emily Deutchman

I was immediately taken by artist Emily Deutchman’s recent series “President with Boob Faces” as soon as I came across it. In theory the subject matter fits in seamlessly with much of the low-brow amusement we find on the internet,more…

TS EliotGallery

Sally Grossart

I came across Sally Grossart, and one part of her art, by happenstance. Grossart creates what she calls “paper people.” It’s an appropriate description for what are literally miniature paper versions of people. She has done celebrities, musicians, artists, comedians,more…

Picture 3Gallery

Melissa Loop

Melissa Loop’s paintings are truly eye candy. Vibrant, saccharin colors saturate the landscapes. Abstract shapes pop and drip. Conceptually, Loop explores the impossibility of utopia as a jumping off point for her paintings. She references highly stylized imagery of placesmore…

Picture 4Gallery

Jenny Harmsen

Dustin Luke Nelson: Were these all taken in Iceland? Jenny Harmsen: They were taken along the Laugavegur, a 34-mile trail from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk. DLN: Where does the impulse to shoot come from? Is there spontaneity in the way youmore…

Picture 7Gallery

Sam Hoolihan

Sam Hoolihan is a visual artist and musician living in Minneapolis. He recently received his MFA degree in Photography from the University of Minnesota. Currently, Sam is focusing on super 8 filmmaking, photo-based book arts, and historical photo processes. Katemore…

Picture 8Gallery

Occupy Wall Street Portraits by Matthew Taplinger

These photos were taken by photographer Matthew Taplinger at New York’s Zucotti Park during the period from September 30 to October 5.

Picture 14Gallery

Concert Photography by Adam Siegel

The below gallery is a series of concert photographs taken by Adam Siegel.

Picture 13Gallery

Maura Kelly Doyle

Kate Casanova: Your practice follows the language of conceptual contemporary art. I’m interested in the relationship of intuition within a conceptual practice. How does it play a role in making for you? It’s sort of a “chicken or the egg”more…

Picture 12Gallery

Stefanie Motta

When I look at the photographs of Stefanie Motta I feel like I am watching a magic show in which the magician reveals all of his tricks, but I still can’t help but believe. Her images confront this notion ofmore…

Picture 11Gallery

Jess Hirsch

Like many contemporary artists working today, the artistic practice of Jess Hirch is a hybrid of many disciplines: drawing, sculpture, installation, performance. She embraces banal materials, often found in homes and thrift stores, giving them new life and meaning inmore…

Picture 10Gallery

Kirk Demerais

You might have seen Kirk Demarais’ work on your birthday card, at the toy store, or in the book Life of the Party: A Visual History of S.S. Adams Company, Makers of Pranks and Magic. He is a painter, filmmaker,more…

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