Picture 192Narratives

Tornado Strikes Lenapah, Leveling House

“Tornados don’t strike without no warning first. You always know with plenty of time that a tornado’s coming. Problem is, you get the warnings so darn often that you stop believing, ‘til your whole house blows down.” Loretta James stoodmore…


MATE: a game of marriage and politics

Introduction The Pillsbury-Larkin Match is a hypermodern game, in which control becomes the real necessity. These grandmasters have studied the games that their parents had played and refused to play by the classic rules and general principles. In other words,more…

Picture 23Narratives

The Slaughter

On Saturday you killed twenty-one chickens and two full-grown geese. You had never killed anything before. You said it was difficult, upsetting, that you were not sure you were doing the right thing, that you hadn’t meant for things tomore…


Juanita’s Boy

“If I’m going to be staying here, Hijos,” Mitedio said, watching the crew of boys, their bare feet and stained t-shirts, “then we need to get the ground rules straight, no?” The boys marched through the living room to theirmore…


Cafe Metropole

She has trouble with the public. Their rubbery face mask. She likes the table by the window. She has pain somewhere in the vagueness of her body, a shape below her head. She wants to fly out of the topmore…

Picture 22Narratives

Course Catalog


Do We?

000 – Computer science, information & general works ▪                001 Knowledge I meet him online. Or he meets me online. He messages me first. And I am in bed, bored, online because online is how I meet men, and anmore…


The Lovlier Girl

I first saw the woman with the dog on what was a very desperate day for me. One that I would have wanted to stay in bed for, biding my time until Ralph got home from work. But outside themore…


On a Blue Ridge Highway

I used to go down to Alexis, North Carolina, where my father is from, and spend Christmas or Thanksgiving or any other good meal with my grandmother. She would sit in the parlor room—sit there between her quilts and dominoesmore…


An Excerpt from To the Left Armpit of Mattia Casalegno and Other Love Letters, Summer 2010, Berlin

1. August 12, 2010 To the Wolford Corset-Stocking-Bodysuit that Got a Run in it About an Hour After I’d Bought it for 55 Euro— I was a fool to wear you around the flat with shoeless feet on the oldmore…

Picture 19Narratives


Aurora summoned me to her office via text. Learning she had my number and an actual office unsettled me. The weather had warmed after the holidays and I trudged to the admissions building in my brother’s hunting boots, leaving pocketsmore…

Picture 18Narratives

Dead Baby Stories

The baby died in her womb, when he was six or seven months old. It was a boy she thinks, though she never asked, wanted to be surprised. Her doctor, a narrow man with cruel eyes, insisted she have amore…

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