Geek News Roundup


These Linked Telescopes Are the Voltron of Astronomy

Does a $100K, 550 horsepower SUV have a logical place in the automotive universe? Meet the Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG

8 successful entrepreneurs explain how to seize the ebook opportunity to grow your business

Check out the U.S. Navy’s electromagnetic railgun. It uses batteries to blast 23-pound bullets from the decks of ships

Apple preps apps for a ‘truly amazing’ iPad 3 (with Siri?)

Tweetbot for iPad Hits The App Store

MIT Scientist Offers $100,000 to Anyone Who Can Prove Quantum Computing Is Impossible

The Large Hadron Collider takes us one big step closer to finding the Higgs boson

New G.I. Joe trailer picks up right where the last movie left off, but looks way more fun

Apple’s New High Definition Cursors In Mac OS Update May Signal Retina Display For New Macs

Fukushima Crisis Awakes After Reactor Heats Up Mysteriously

Lance Armstrong Investigation Closed by Federal Prosecutors, No Charges

Gravity-defying fluids are the most mind-blowing thing you’ve seen all week


Joseph Owens Joseph Michael Owens

Joseph Michael Owens is the author of the 'collectio[novella]' SHENANIGANS!, and has written for [PANK], The Rumpus, Specter, Grey Sparrow & several others. He is the blog editor for both InDigest Magazine and The Lit Pub, but you can also find him online at Joe lives in Omaha with three dogs and one wife.

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