Geek News Roundup #40

What comes next after the Noosphere?

Private SpaceX Cargo Ship Launching ‘New Era’ for Space Station Today

Dilithium Crystals Could Power Hypothetical Star Trek-Style Warp Drive

Conserve Your Willpower: It Runs Out

How Westeros would look in Super Mario World

What Looper Teaches Us About How to Do Genre Right 

French bees unwittingly make blue honey from M&M’s

How did we discover the existence of ultraviolet light?

How the Real Atlantis was Drowned 

So what’s the deal with Junot Díaz’s unfinished science fiction novels?

ADD and the Significant Other 

Joshua Cohen on writing, teaching, and the internet

Morrowind Just Got Even Prettier With This New Graphical Overhaul 


Joseph Owens Joseph Michael Owens

Joseph Michael Owens is the author of the 'collectio[novella]' SHENANIGANS!, and has written for [PANK], The Rumpus, Specter, Grey Sparrow & several others. He is the blog editor for both InDigest Magazine and The Lit Pub, but you can also find him online at Joe lives in Omaha with three dogs and one wife.

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