The Last Reading on Earth, Ever – Watch It Now

It’s here! The apocalypse, according to an interpretation of the Mayan calendar, will happen today. (Or, really, the calendar will end…same thing though, right? Whatever. Today’s the apocalypse.)

Here in the InDigest Offices we are celebrating the apocalypse with a marathon reading of apocalyptic writing. It’s all happening online and can be watched at any time. To watch the full reading just hit play on the video below. Who’s reading? These people are reading: Lizzy Acker, David Atkinson, Albert Balasch, Joseph Bates, Caren Beilin, David Blair, Amaranth Borsuk, J. Bradley, Emily Brandt, Marc Capdevila, Heather Christle, James Cihlar, Ryan Collins, Lucy Corin, Paul Dickinson, T.M. De Vos, Adam Fell, Elisa Gabbert, Amelia Gray, J.C. Hallman, Matt Hart, Geoff Herbach, Steven Karl, Becca Klaver, Miles Klee, Gregory Lawless, D.W. Lichtenberg, Brad Liening, Michael Martone, Matt Mauch, Adam Moorad, David Moscovich, Dustin Luke Nelson, Nathan Oates, Joseph Michael Owens, Bradley Paul, Kathleen Rooney, Christopher Salerno, Paul Siegell, Bianca Stone, AE Stueve, Mathias Svalina, Maureen Thorson, Leah Umansky, Ellen Welcker, and Rachel Zucker.


Dustin Nelson Dustin Luke Nelson

Dustin Luke Nelson is the author of the forthcoming collection "in the office hours of the polar vortex" (Robocup, 2015) and the chapbook "Abraham Lincoln" (Mondo Bummer, 2013). His 90-minute performance film "STRIKE TWO" debuted with Gauss PDF in April and his performance piece "Applause" debuted at the Walker Art Center's Open Field in June. His poems have or will appear in the Greying Ghost Pamphlet Series, Fence Magazine, Paper Darts, Opium, 3:AM, the Nervous Breakdown, and elsewhere. His digital self is housed at

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