Geek News Roundup #42

32 books that George R.R. Martin says inspired ‘Game of Thrones

Tesla gets his revenge on Thomas Edison through the power of rap 

Random House no longer trying to convince newbie authors to give away the store

Altered Hubble images transform nebulae into bizarre cosmic monsters

What Your “Likes” On Facebook Betray About You

Curiosity Rover Finds Evidence that Mars Could Have Hosted Life

Watch This Unbelievable Robot Hand Tie A Shoe 

The Uncertain Fate of the Government’s Last 50 Medical-Research Chimps

Video: Retired Lab Chimps Step Outside for the First Time

DNA Makes A Great Flame Retardant For Cotton Fabric

Artificial Intelligence App Will Keep Tweeting As You After You Die

With 581 Copies So Far, Reclonable Mouse Will Live Forever 

How the Aurora Borealis Nearly Started World War III

The Cancer from Fukushima (and Hiroshima) 

Senators introduce bipartisan bill to lift ban on cellphone unlocking 


Joseph Owens Joseph Michael Owens

Joseph Michael Owens is the author of the 'collectio[novella]' SHENANIGANS!, and has written for [PANK], The Rumpus, Specter, Grey Sparrow & several others. He is the blog editor for both InDigest Magazine and The Lit Pub, but you can also find him online at Joe lives in Omaha with three dogs and one wife.

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