for missy and the girls by N.W. Hall

for missy & the girls

of mice and men would’ve been
better if lennie had shot himself

many men & women are up tonight hoping
to die of masturbation or maybe just a stroke

george only did all the thinking
that got them nowhere anyway

a head of soft hair for the white
pure hands of a town seems right

i don’t really follow
the rest of the plot.

why not a little ketchup
on the colorful rabbits?

everyone wants to live
off the fat of her land,
but none can swing her.

she’s posing her tiny ink curls
on the screen we pet too much

look across the velvety river of her tattoos
they tell another story so well known it is
still lying in the back of everybody’s head.


NW Hall NW Hall

N.W. Hall is all through with post-modernity. He very much enjoys a good, simple truth or words such as sweetheart and alongside. Comments welcome.

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