The Newer York is Coming to New York

Bob Schofield, author of The Inevitable June, will be coming to New York on June 1 to sketch the book live at The Gallery at LPR.

The Inevitable June (The Newer York, 2014) is a beautiful bout of lightheadedness. It’s a sad, surreal adventure, that is both intimate and epic. Tracking the day by day slog of its narrator, The Inevitable June creates a non-linear narrative of a month in the life of its strange, grayscale protagonist. The highest compliment I can give this book is that both the narrative and the illustrations don’t require each other. Inside of each is contained an entire strange story. This could be a successful picture book or surreal series of flash narratives. Together, they transcend genre into something eerie, wonderful, and funny. It’s an illustrated bit of high weirdness. A poetic comic in surreality. A sketchbook diary of a month on acid.

To see this illustrated and read live will be a really unique experience. Check it out on June 1 if you’re in NYC.

The ebook of The Inevitable June is available now and the print edition will be available on June 1 (and probably at the reading that day as well). Watch the trailer for the book below.

The Inevitable June

courtesy of the Newer York, copyright Bob Scofield and The Newer York


Dustin Nelson Dustin Luke Nelson

Dustin Luke Nelson is the author of the forthcoming collection "in the office hours of the polar vortex" (Robocup, 2015) and the chapbook "Abraham Lincoln" (Mondo Bummer, 2013). His 90-minute performance film "STRIKE TWO" debuted with Gauss PDF in April and his performance piece "Applause" debuted at the Walker Art Center's Open Field in June. His poems have or will appear in the Greying Ghost Pamphlet Series, Fence Magazine, Paper Darts, Opium, 3:AM, the Nervous Breakdown, and elsewhere. His digital self is housed at

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