Song of the Day: Dorian Wood – “Pearline”

Dorian Wood


I know we’ve featured Dorian Wood a few times over the last year, but that’s because he writes beautiful songs. This just released in-studio video is for a track called “Pearline” that will be featured on his forthcoming album Rattle Rattle. For anyone who listened to Brutus (maybe you read his great account of recording that album right here) this album is promised to be more heavily orchestrated, with horns and percussion coming into play far more than on previous releases. (Maybe a little more in line with his group Killsonic.) Anyhow, you can listen to Dorian Wood and co. performing “Pearline” live in the studio at the top of the post.

Rattle Rattle is relying on crowd funding to finance the recording and mastering, so if you like this and feel like pre-ordering the album you can do so over here.


Dustin Nelson Dustin Luke Nelson

Dustin Luke Nelson is a co-founding editor of InDigest. His writing has appeared in Tiny Mix Tapes, Film Forward, and elsewhere. His poems have been in H_NGM_N, Shampoo, Monkeybicycle, and other places. He lives in Astoria and blogs at Blogs Are About Ego.

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