A Poem by Scott Abels


And the brain takes over for the liver.
The brain is not a rain forest any more
than it is a filter
fit for the metals in the water.

After we were attacked
everyone went to the theater.
One world all day
had taken to ignoring them.

The theaters were
packed after 9-11,
and a lot of nannies
lost their jobs.

We wish we could sleep and be safe.
Children can
fall into a bucket and
drown. Make them

as weird as you
can, and make them
answer you as
the boys and girls
of brilliance.


Scott Abels Scott Abels

Scott Abels currently lives and teaches in Honolulu, where he edits the online journal of poetry Country Music. More of his poems can be found (or are forthcoming) in Forklift, Ohio, Sixth Finch, Sink Review, Best New Poets, RealPoetik, H_NGM_N, DIAGRAM, and many others. His first book, Rambo Goes to Idaho, is now available with BlazeVOX [books].

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