A Poem by Krystal Languell


I borrow your organic lube to fuck that acrobat fraud
A man from the boardwalk with some hard miles on him
Walls make for good props but I wish he were more verbal
I’ll let him lick my tramp stamp if he gets redeployed

I hate when I black out it’s a sudden death contest
A dollar sign is a cringe, shatters the glasses in the sink
I miss hearing my real name against your naked chest
Hit him with ten ex-lovers         prank | laughter | shots

These tits are no mistake, my mesh dress strategic
Give me that cowboy act, the family affair defense
You can’t flush everything I’m serious asshole
When sister’s in trouble we keep her out of the ocean


Krystal Languell Krystal Languell

Krystal Languell is the author of Call the Catastrophists (BlazeVox, 2011). She was a semi-finalist for the 2010 University of Akron Press Poetry Prize and a finalist for the 2011 National Poetry Series. Founder of the feminist literary magazine Bone Bouquet, she serves as a collaborative board member for Belladonna* Series as well as editor-in-chief at Noemi Press. She teaches composition in the CUNY system.

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