Geek News Roundup


Happy [belated] Turkey Day, American readers and general turkey fans!! Just because we were off a day or two battling tryptophan comas doesn’t mean we weren’t still collecting the best geek news across the Interwebz!

Q: Would the tech world be the same without Apple? A: Check out SlashGear!!

Lost Kerouac Book Published

London Bar Installs Urinal Video Games

Why has synesthesia survived throughout human evolutionary history?

Zach De La Rocha’s Occupy Wall Street Poem

Thinner iPad 3 Coming with Low-Power Retina Display?

Sony: “Late PS4 Launch Would be Undesirable.

If Steven Axelrod could have a superpower, he’d help you see you’re an asshole.

Lost Mars Probe Briefly Phones Home, But the Window to Save the Phobos-Grunt Mission is Closing

Did A Swedish Man Spontaneously Combust in Gothenburg Train Station?

What makes a psychopath’s brain different?

Recently, on TED: Joe Sabia tells a story of the history of storytelling, from caves to iPads:

Astronomers discover the first unchanged relics of the Big Bang

What is the best way to locate the galaxy’s habitable planets?


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