Poem of the Day Podcast: Dobby Gibson’s “The First Billion Years”

Dobby GibsonToday is day #1. We’re launching our Poem of the Day podcast today, which will have new episodes every weekday. We’re launching today because today is the 4th anniversary of InDigest. (Happy Anniversary InDigest.)

Listen: Dobby Gibson – “The First Billion Years”

Today’s poem is called “The First Billion Years” by Dobby Gibson. Dobby Gibson is the author of Polar (Alice James Books), Skirmish (Graywolf Press) and a new collection, It Becomes You, forthcoming from Graywolf Press in 2013.

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We’ve got the full text of the poem after the jump.

The First Billion Years

I once made the mistake of speaking the truth.
I chewed each bite ten times.
Before bed,
I washed my face and patted it dry.

But I awoke from every sleep sure
it had been another operation
performed unsuccessfully.
The sunrise couldn’t hit its mark.
The bearded young men walked
the aisles in the used record store without speaking.

I didn’t lose my flair — for even a moment —
to imagine myself as the person I thought I was.
There was a damn cat that followed me everywhere
and the realization that the answer
to every question I had ever been asked had been maybe.

Maybe a white wine spritzer. Maybe the movies.

I had a faint recollection
that my memory was fading,
and a peculiar habit of shaking strangers’ hands,
a gesture I used
to mean both hello and goodbye.


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