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Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 1.07.51 PMPoetry

Two Poems by Peter Milne Greiner

The Jogging The sharpie is mightier than our maybe otherwise uninhabited galaxy that like low but levitating fruit snail mails my TV news of dated acts of alien violence If I connect the dots of every cool city in Canadamore…


InReview: The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes

Everyone has a favorite breakfast place. In some regions, Denny’s reigns supreme. In others, IHOP takes the title of most loved. There’s Perkins too. In the Midwest and also Oregon and Washington State, Village Inn ranks as many’s favorite breakfastmore…


A Poem by Niina Pollari

Horse Feet I got horse feet The legs of a human but horse feet My legs taper down like pencils New from the factory Into themselves into the foot of a horse That sounds like a story doesn’t it Paranormalmore…


Two Poems by Ken Taylor

now voyager about our fowls & sessile & stuck inside chthonic cant: limping iambics: plastic spirits & elastic feet. we strike at light with sticks. heels struck up. wits spent. but made you by the stars in our bones &more…

Screen shot 2014-09-25 at 9.39.53 AMPoetry

Two Poems by Jeanine Deibel

Maybe if I fucked both of you I’d remember
in a recession of skin as if each cell
was trying to say something I don’t know
if it’s summer or if that’s blood running


A Poem by Keegan Lester

the topography of the words used by a man who majored in beer and co-eds before dropping out of the University of Iowa, who forgot when those old time words came back from the war, they weren’t all allowed intomore…

Gray HairPoetry

Two Poems by Gregory Lawless

Little Matter For Jack Christian We thought it was a new kind of thinking. The new kid did it, eyes closed, feet in the air. He pushed the wind around like a bully. His movements were otherwise alphabetical. We linedmore…

Memory Hunter 300Reviews

InReview: The Memory Hunter

It’s dangerous to get good at something, particularly as a writer, because people will often freak out if you don’t keep doing the exact same thing for which you’re known. At the same time, people will complain if you keepmore…

True Romance ChapbookEvents
September 14, 2014 | 7:15pm | FREE

Poets & Projections II: True Romance

InDigest presents Poets & Projections II: A release party for the True Romance chapbook a part of Lit Crawl NYC InDigest presents a stop on Lit Crawl this year with the release of the True Romance chapbook edited by Vanessamore…

Poems for WorkersBlog

Ten Things To Read On Labor Day

It’s Labor Day and we’re taking it easy and kicking our feet up in a hammock, sipping on a Finnegan’s, and doing a little reading. Preferably we’re reading something about physical labor, labor unions, or work at large. Here’s amore…


LitSourcing: Out of the Binders

We’ve kind of tried similar things before, but as we gets things going with InDigest again after a bit of a break, we’re going to try and round up some good crowdsourced projects on a semi-regular basis. The idea ismore…


InReview: Hagridden

I’m not always a big fan of historical fiction because so many books in that vein don’t do much more than fictionalize a narrative life around a historical account. Yeah, it might give me a different picture of what lifemore…

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