Brad Liening

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Brad Liening is the author of Ghosts and Doppelgangers (forthcoming, Lowbrow Press) and several chapbooks. He lives in Minneapolis.
  • Aaron Diver

    Hard to find an address to write to inquire about submissions. Been four months since you were given three poems: “Cars Driver Faster” nos. 1 & 2; and “The Nanosecond’s Rapture.” Have you made a decision?

    Aaron Diver

  • Dustin Luke Nelson

    Feel free to e-mail us at editors[at]indigestmag[dot]com with any inquiries.

  • Frederick Pollack

    On 9/3 I submitted five poems – “Elitist
    Writes Home,” “Elitist Gets Down,” “Elitist, Night,” “Mr. Natural at Edgewood,”
    and “All Night Long.” The three “Elitist” poems have been accepted by another journal. I hope you will still consider the last two poems. Sorry to communicate in your “Comments” space, but, as an earlier poster indicated, Indigest lacks a “Contact” link.

  • Dustin Luke Nelson

    It’s right on the submissions page, where you submitted… says if you get accepted elsewhere to contact the address on there. Please do that. Or you could look at the comment before yours, where I provide an email address to contact…

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