InDigest currently only accepts submissions via our submissions manager. InDigest only publishes previously unpublished work. We accept simultaneous submissions, but notify us immediately if you are accepted elsewhere. (Seriously, it’s pretty annoying when authors don’t do this.) Any submissions not following our guidelines are deleted unread. (That means don’t e-mail us your submissions.) Details for each section are listed in our submission manager. If you’re interested in writing for the blog or submitting a review send an email to Dustin at

There is no submission fee for the quarterly publication. We’re busy people though. It might take us as long as four months to respond. Please don’t inquire prior to four months.

By submitting to InDigest you are agreeing to give InDigest first North American publication rights, which we retain. You are allowed to re-publish the work elsewhere with our permission and proper credit to InDigest as the original source of publication.

Submit to InDigest

Also, please note: InDigest is currently accepting submissions for a special “sub-issue” and online reading called “A Reading About the Olympics That Definitely Doesn’t Have the Word Olympics in the Title.” Details about that can be found here.

We are reading for Issue #27 of InDigest until December 15.

The Narratives section is home to fiction, plays, audio fiction, creative non-fiction, and any other form of story-telling you can come up with. There are no length requirements for Narratives submissions; we publish everything from flash fiction to novel excerpts. We aren’t after any particular style, but we do ask that you care about language, that you consider how your words interact with one another, and that you are interested in the integrity of the sentence. We like experimentation; we like to be dazzled. Also, read what we’ve already published to get a sense of what we publish.

Please double-space all submissions and include word count at the top.

Please send 3 – 6 poems. We accept all forms of poetry and have published paintings, audio, poetry comics, and videopoetry in this section. Not sure if we’ll think it’s poetry? If you think it is, we probably do too.

All poetry submissions should be in a single file with numbered pages and no more than one poem per page. Please do not double space your submission.

All submissions to be considered for the InDigest Broadsides series should be marked as such. But please note that all submissions for broadsides will also be considered for individual publication in the Poetics section as well.

There are a few type of submissions we accept for the music section:

1. Tour Diaries and Recording Journals. We are interested in knowing about the experience of performance, what is unique and exciting, not what you were drinking or how awesome you or your band is.

2. The Lyric Sheet. The Lyric Sheet publishes the lyrics to albums or songs that have not yet been publicly released. (Though if the album is out ask us and we might say yes.) No music is included in The Lyric Sheet.

InDialogue is a unique feature of InDigest that pits two artists working in different media together to talk about life and art, or whatever comes up. If you’re interested in doing an InDialogue please have an idea of who you’d like to talk to. Your submission should be a 500 word pitch on why you want to do one, who you would talk with, and who you are.

We’re open to anything. Poetry comics. Funny page-style strips. Single frame jokes. Whatever. Send it in.

We prefer to publish videos that have not appeared online previously. Please note in your cover letter if the video has been uploaded and is publicly viewable online and whether it has screened anywhere else.

We only prefer links to videos rather than having you upload the file to Submittable. We recommend a private link through Vimeo or a Dropbox link. (If using Dropbox send a public link. DO NOT share us on your file.)

We are mostly looking for video poems (in its many incarnations). If you have a short film or other piece of video art, please query first.

InDigest is NOT currently reading for poetry, fiction, and non-fiction chapbook-length works. If you have any questions about your manuscript or what we are willing to accept please e-mail

If you’re interested in writing for the blog please contact writers [at] Send two clips, a short cover letter, and a few ideas.

Ready to submit? Go here.

All submitters are added to the almost monthly InDigest mailing list. If you don’t want to be included please say so in your submission. We assume that because you’re submitting you’re interested in what we’re doing.

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