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LitSourcing: Out of the Binders

We’ve kind of tried similar things before, but as we gets things going with InDigest again after a bit of a break, we’re going to try and round up some good crowdsourced projects on a semi-regular basis. The idea ismore…


InReview: Hagridden

I’m not always a big fan of historical fiction because so many books in that vein don’t do much more than fictionalize a narrative life around a historical account. Yeah, it might give me a different picture of what lifemore…

Dont tease elephants featured imgReviews

InReview: Don’t Tease the Elephants

I only have a limited amount of time to write book reviews, but I do enjoy having the chance to tell people what I think about a good book. My reviews are always my opinion, but I still think itmore…

Screen shot 2014-09-23 at 9.15.22 AMEvents
July 18, 2014 | 7pm | donation

Write Off Debt Reading

Because we’re all in debt & it gives us all anxiety. And because talking/reading/writing about it is the only way to take back control. Admission is free, but we will be taking donations to benefit the debt-resistance group Strike Debt.more…

Northbound train 300Reviews

InReview: If There’s Any Truth In a Northbound Train

In case you haven’t already heard, Ryan Werner (author of Shake Away These Constant Days; Murmuration; and Oh Lie, I Thought You Were Golden) has a new chapbook out from Passenger Side Books: If There’s Any Truth in a Northboundmore…

i have to tell youReviews

InReview: I Have to Tell You

There are two friends at the center of Victoria Hetherington’s I Have to Tell You: Grace Kim Bradley and Sherene Marie Arsenault, two early twenties women living in Toronto. Grace is somewhat shy (and damaged), but becoming increasingly embittered up withmore…


InReview: Four Fathers

I’ve heard it said that one of the best ways to get to the true, interesting meat of a character is to put them into a crisis situation and see what they do. It’s interesting how many such moments onemore…

Screen shot 2014-05-24 at 10.10.50 AMNews

The Newer York is Coming to New York

Bob Schofield, author of The Inevitable June, will be coming to New York on June 1 to sketch the book live at The Gallery at LPR. The Inevitable June (The Newer York, 2014) is a beautiful bout of lightheadedness. It’smore…

sea god 300InDialogue

An InDigest Interview with John Domini

Recently, InDigest had the chance to bat around a few questions with novelist and essayist John Domini about his latest collection of essays, The Sea God’s Herb. The author of Earthquake I.D. and A Tomb on the Periphery (which was nominated for a National Book Criticsmore…

sea god 300Reviews

InReview: John Domini’s The Sea-God’s Herb

I often get frustrated when I want to look deeper into a book than I was able to do myself and am not able to find much that does so. I sometimes find a lot of reviews that tell memore…

Dont Start Me Talkin 300Reviews

InReview: Don’t Start Me Talkin’

As Tom Williams showed us in The Mimic’s Own Voice, identity is a curious thing. Imagine if the only way to be who you are is to pretend to be someone you are not. That’s what we’ve got going inmore…

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Go on. Support Coldfront. They’re doing great things, publishing smart reviews, and generally supporting poetry in ways that not many publications online are. So, give a little. It’s that time of year or whatever anyhow.

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