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Screen Shot 2012-07-01 at 1.23.09 AMInDefinite Podcast

InDefinite Podcast Episode #24: Erica Wright

Listen: Episode #24: Erica Wright This episode of InDefinite Podcast features New York-based poet Erica Wright reading Instructions for Killing the Jackal from Black Lawrence Press. The book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and at the Black Lawrencemore…


InDigest & Best of the Net

We’re proud to announce that InDigest has the great honor of having originally published a Best of the Net winner for 2009. Among the fantastic stories and poems that have been honored this year was Nicole Callihan’s story “One Fish,more…

Picture 13Poetry

Three Poems by Erica Wright

On Having Forgot the Exact Shape of Your Mouth I have the air of an heiress tonight, and you, you’ve never looked better in blue, my boy. If only you wouldn’t hit the keys so hard. I can hear themmore…


InDigest Picks

Books: The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To by DC Pierson [Vintage] + Filmmaker, comedian, and writer DC Pierson is releasing his first novel this week. The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To is a charmingmore…


November 1207, What Was Read

As it tends to happen every month, InDigest 1207 is punctuated by authors reading the work of those they admire. Or at least the work of those they’ve previously read. At the November reading both James Hannaham (look out formore…

Picture 46Poetry

Two Poems by Erica Wright

Mermaid I I used to think the devil lived in Fayetteville, Tennessee, though there’s a sort of godliness in the abandoned music shop where a Romanian teen once bellowed at me over a violin, To play, this hand must bemore…


InDialogue: Erica Wright & Tiffany Noelle Fung

The Following discussion occurred between poets Erica Wright and Tiffany Noelle Fung over Gmail chat Erica Wright: Hi Tiffany. Tiffany Noelle Fung: Hi Erica! You made it :) Wright: Finally. Fung: So I don’t know how ‘literary’ we’re supposed tomore…

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