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My Matriculation

by Lech Harris I was seven years old when my parents brought me to university. Even from the vantage of hindsight the circumstances that contributed to this improbable development seem to me murky and inaccessible. Yet the fact remains: Imore…


Wedding Day Blues

by J. Albin Larson My neck was itching like a fat man around dinnertime from the starchy collar of  the tuxedo I had on for my wedding to my aunt.  Yeah, my aunt. I was standing there—hand on neck, fingersmore…



Little-known facts about the 1978 Jonestown cult massacre: 1. The American Special Forces personnel that were airdropped into Jonestown after the massacre gave it the nickname, “Dozetown,” because from above it looked as if the whole village was sprawled outmore…

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Dan Wieken

Picture 42Poetry

Three Poems by Jess Grover

Poem For Minnesota With My Friends Gone I goddamn love all my friends, call from st. cloud to tell me put flat land and chain restaurants in a poem, as we’re mid-westerners. think of it, me too, a mid-westerner, thoughmore…

Picture 44Poetry

Three Poems by Alex Lemon

Arpeggio Outside the smoking & beard-burdened trees—& always again, it is winter Always again children streak into traffic, & again, and always, I’m decapitated & feel                            as though                          someone is lip-tracing

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