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Picture 88InDialogue

InDialogue: Meakin Armstrong and Sam Osterhout

InDigest Magazine’s ongoing series of writers and artists talking to each other about whatever the hell they want to talk to each other about continues here with fiction writers and InDigest contributors Sam Osterhout and Meakin Armstrong. Sam is currentlymore…

James JoyceNews

The Ulysses Sage pt. III

by Charles Greene Dear reader, if you have continued to this point in the journey then I will work under the assumption that I have not yet talked you out of embarking upon the ultimate literary adventure of Ulysses. Ifmore…


Two Poems by Mandy Herrick

Bob Dylan’s Cell Phone this ear full of stories, questions, burdens falling lonely and listening to the bouncing of beauty sweeping, listening is all that can keep a bullet from hiding and finding itself buried in the glaring blue lightmore…


Nashville (three)

1. “My name is Billy-Jack.” That’s what he first said to Caroline.  And that’s probably how he began most of his conversations there in the parking lot. Billy-Jack spent a lot of time on that pavement, that’s for certain.  Sunburnedmore…



by Mackenzie Epping Teufelsberg was no man’s land: a cyst on the earth built of the rubble left behind from bombs, covered in grass and post-war buildings.  There were prettier areas in Berlin, ones where trees lined boulevards and wheremore…

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