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The InDigest Awards

Instead of compiling our favorites in any particular category for a “best of the year” list, we have opted to create The InDigest Awards, a prestigious series of awards created by InDigest editors and contributors. from Brad Liening The Bestmore…


A Visit to Planet Lemtron: Upsetting Things

Alex Lemon Fear mongering. Monster burgers. Mongrel dogs that chew apart school girls on reservations. Little old ladies at the grocery store with cartoon pictures of heaven. Please don’t hurry. A blue jay cracking into the picture window. Days whenmore…


Bedside Stacks

BOOK REVIEW by Ashleigh Lambert Discussed in this article: God Says No (James Hannaham) [McSweeney's] ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… In this, the final edition of Bedside Stacks for 2009, I want to discuss one of my favorite books of the year.  God Saysmore…

Picture 50Poetry

Two Poems by David Bartone

SUCH A 19TH CENTURY FEAR Of all the deaf-mute interest points people have no one thinks fires    raging and white              and quiet as in last night I tried talking over one and Imore…

Picture 49Poetry

Four Poems by Nate Pritts

the many sides of (butterfly) 3.1                                                   Caution:             I’m caution, I’m to the wind,  more…

Picture 48Poetry

Two Poems by Anthony Robinson

If fruit is the best of you                                lime on the horizon until the backboard breaks bec.         My friend, things are looking up for Portland                 rain spring hasmore…


Two Poems by Ricardo Alberto Maldonado

THE PROJECT OF THE HANDS Says I, part scattered, part inclement. I am glad for the liquor of knives.


A Poem by Jennifer L. Knox

FAT CATS, SKINNY RATS The Japanese feed peas to goldfish swimming upside down which takes hours but the green balls get gas out which is why they swim wonky, or so says my employer. That, and the love rat hemore…


Isa Newby Gagarin

Isa Newby Gagarin is a Minneapolis based artist who incorporates collage, drawing and kinetics in her artistic practice. In her recent body of work, she manipulates found images from magazines such as National Geographic. Through collage, she re-frames how wemore…

Picture 87InDialogue

InDialogue: Ian Jacoby (of Laarks) and Jon Loomis

When Dustin asked me to do the InDialogue portion of the new InDigest, I had flashes of panic.  I’d read some of the older interviews, and it seemed to me like other contributors knew like 50 different published poets, coolmore…


The Wife Hunter

In Toyama stations, young Japanese boys called wife hunters wait for desperate housewives hungry for touch. They are collecting vaginas on the verge of rot. Takafumi told me they usually work in twos. These thonged women arrive in throngs andmore…

Murder By Death FinchInDialogue

Spore Score

by Cynthia Hawkins Discussed in this article: Jeff Vandermeer’s Finch and Murder by Death’s accompanying soundtrack Murder by Death lend their cinematic rugged-trail mastery to Jeff VanderMeer’s Finch At some point during their rapid fire five day stint in theirmore…

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