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Picture 13Poetry

Three Poems by Erica Wright

On Having Forgot the Exact Shape of Your Mouth I have the air of an heiress tonight, and you, you’ve never looked better in blue, my boy. If only you wouldn’t hit the keys so hard. I can hear themmore…


Two Poems by Ada Limón

Marketing Life for Those of Us Left                            (for Jessica Yen) Stuck in the answer of day, all we’ve got are these people to rely on, and trees, and the grasp of a river in the mind. Allmore…


Christmas Tornado

by Sam Osterhout On a Christmas Eve in Hutchinson, Kansas, a while back, a tornado came and destroyed the mall. We were all there when it happened—my whole family. Casey, Greg, Pete, Jill, Andi, Sam (that’s me), and my littlemore…


When You’re 15

by Sam Osterhout When you’re 15, a fake ID is not the only thing you’re gonna need to buy alcohol. You may also need some facial hair. You will definitely need charm and an air of sophistication. If there’s anmore…


Two Poems by Tiffany Noelle Fung

The Pruning Somehow I manage                                                        Each fork parallels its knife.                                                        The clock makes the stillness                                                        Wither. She knows howmore…


InDialogue: Erica Wright & Tiffany Noelle Fung

The Following discussion occurred between poets Erica Wright and Tiffany Noelle Fung over Gmail chat Erica Wright: Hi Tiffany. Tiffany Noelle Fung: Hi Erica! You made it :) Wright: Finally. Fung: So I don’t know how ‘literary’ we’re supposed tomore…

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