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Picture 112Music

Here Today, Gone…Tomorrow, Maybe? The Uncertain Future of the One Hit Wonder in the Digital Age

I used to think Nirvana was the reason Alannah Myles was a one hit wonder. I never liked Alannah Myles. We’ve never met, and she’s Canadian, so I’m sure she’s lovely. It’s that song of hers that grated on me—stillmore…

Picture 13Gallery

Maura Kelly Doyle

Kate Casanova: Your practice follows the language of conceptual contemporary art. I’m interested in the relationship of intuition within a conceptual practice. How does it play a role in making for you? It’s sort of a “chicken or the egg”more…

Picture 111Music

The Lyric Sheet: Songs from Richard Buckner’s “Our Blood”

Escape Let’s waste the night; pay the price and get out of here. It’s not enough, backing out just to disappear without a fight they’ll never know we’ve won. How’d you know where to go and when to stop tomore…

Picture 206Poetry

Four Poems by Gregory Lawless

The Apartment The people who live below me, I can hear them laughing, clinking glasses, fighting, getting ice. You don’t listen, says the she-voice. And the he-voice grunts back. Then a door closing, a radio switching on: Paganini, Brahms, ormore…

Picture 203Poetry

InDigest Broadsides: Paul Siegell

Download the Paul Siegell broadside

Picture 27Poetry

Two Poems by Monica McClure

New Exits Oh, look. The youth are under the influence and it’s beautiful. Our fathers won’t read poetry, we say. We fall in love with more women each day. I say, close your eyes and imagine me dead. There, nowmore…

Picture 26Poetry

A Poem by Wendy Xu

You Are Not Who They Wanted You To Be But after years enough alone, even the wicked sleep. Clematis in a window-box creeping the house, one thing overtakes the next but is forgiven. I name everything in the sky Jupitermore…

Picture 25Poetry

A Poem by Sarah Bridgins

I Shouldn’t Be Alive At the end I became obsessed with disasters: specials on Katrina, articles about parents who left their kids in cars, then came back hours later to find their small bodies baked, insides a stew.

Picture 109Music

The Lyric Sheet: “East Harlem” by Zach Condon

“East Harlem” lyrics by Zach Condon music performed by Beirut from the album Rip Tide Another rose wilts in East Harlem And uptown downtown, a thousand miles between us She is waiting for the night to fall, Let it fallmore…


A Poem by Noah F. Grossman

Not a Novel On the cover below the title, Horse Corpse will sheepishly explain, “a novel” in a small font. But the cover of Parables and Accidental Insults, my first collection of poems, will read “not a novel.” It’ll saymore…


A Poem by David McAleavey

Past the megachurch Past the megachurch & over the culvert whose arroyo’s ominousness seems unconnected to salvation we act out our version of going to grandma’s for Thanksgiving. There’s news from the hospital atop its butte, & the hill startsmore…


A Poem by Adam Moorad

i accidentally felt okay today without drinking alcohol i saw some punks in kilts on st mark’s place i thought ‘i could maybe wear one of those’ then thought ‘no i could not’ and i wondered what an asshole melmore…

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