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Picture 36Poetry

A Poem by Krystal Languell

JWOWW I borrow your organic lube to fuck that acrobat fraud A man from the boardwalk with some hard miles on him Walls make for good props but I wish he were more verbal I’ll let him lick my trampmore…


Cafe Metropole

She has trouble with the public. Their rubbery face mask. She likes the table by the window. She has pain somewhere in the vagueness of her body, a shape below her head. She wants to fly out of the topmore…

Picture 35Poetry

Two Poems by Kyle McCord

I Write You This on a Train Named For an Endangered Bird There are ways a story can’t begin. Like pitting your protagonist against an all-knowing, all-seeing jaguar spirit. Or, worse, against an abstraction—like immorality or human unhappiness. It couldmore…

Picture 22Narratives

Course Catalog

Picture 34Poetry

Two Poems by Annabelle Yeeseul Yoo

INTERNATIONAL FILM CLASS ESSAY So Wong Wak Wai is this film director who directs films from Hong Kong. Usually, they are films about failing love and missed connections. He uses a lot of imagery. In a lot of films theremore…


A Poem by Allyson Paty

AT VARIANCE Not what I bargained for, my sister appraises. The whole walk home, the moon and its haze glowed like an old TV set and the high-rises had no teeth to bare. All a matter of scale. Not themore…

Picture 105InDialogue

InDialogue: Jena Osman and Nadia Sirota

Nadia Sirota: Hello Jena! Jena Osman: Hey there. NS: How’s your Monday thus far? JO: Very fragmented mentally. How’s your day going? NS: Eh, okay. The year always starts off kind of crazytown and I haven’t yet figured out howmore…

Picture 104InDialogue

InDialogue: Jonathan Baumbach and Lawrence Raab

The below conversation between novelist Jonathan Bambach, author of numerous books including his most recent, Dreams of Molly, and poet Lawrence Raab, who has also authored many collections including The History of Forgetting, took place over email in October ofmore…

Picture 102InDialogue

InDialogue: Jimmy Wallenstein and James Snapko

In this InDialogue Jimmy Wallenstein, an author who just released his debut novel titled The Arriviste [Milkweed Editions, 2011], talks with film director James Snapko, whose features include Further North and Sucker Lake Park, he also just had a shortmore…


A Poem by Andrew Durbin

The Buffalo The herd of buffalo form a square in the corner of the field they like to reproduce themselves in. I am a bridge that extends from me to you in abstract space, beyond which nothing but the purelymore…

Picture 33Poetry

Two Poems by Eric Lindley

Graphite drawings of your injured son. Graphite drawings of cats. Graphite drawings of pencils from the wrong angle. Graphite drawings of paper. Graphite drawings of your friends kissing you. Graphite drawings of animals hugging. Graphite drawings of ways that moneymore…

Picture 204Poetry

InDigest Broadsides: Erika Jung

You can download a PDF of the broadside for free here.

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