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The Lyric Sheet: Wooden Wand – “Passin’ Thru”

Passin’ Thru by Wooden Wand (James Jackson Toth) There’s a stretch of road in Wyoming across a timeless interstate You can drive a hundred miles and not see a Wyoming license plate Just some truckers and some hard luck bandsmore…

Cecelia LopezInDialogue

Cecilia Lopez on Improvisation, Notation, and Indeterminacy

By Forrest Wu This Tuesday kicks off the 2012 MATA Festival, a celebration of young and innovative composers from around the globe. Four days of concerts serve as both a think tank for compositional progress and a launch pad formore…

Picture 123Music

The Lyric Sheet: Sea of Bees – “TEETH”

TEETH I remember her white teeth, Yeah her crooked teeth, crooked teeth and they dance with me they danced on my first kiss. She was the gold and I was white, And they took me to the ledge and saidmore…

Picture 2Poetry

Two Poems by Jeff Alessandrelli

“When the mouth dies who misses you?”—John Berryman Beautiful birdsong but flourished off-kilter, half-askew, so the dead hijack the ground with not their bodies but their still-resilient lips. Flirty at a campfire, tucked in by a half-believable ghost story ismore…

Picture 3Poetry

A Poem by Ellen Welcker

Mama, Mama, fly through my window… This is a workbook You can write in it You can watch a cruise ship slide by While stuck in the underpass You can watch a man left open He is a hand-crank musicmore…


MATE: a game of marriage and politics

Introduction The Pillsbury-Larkin Match is a hypermodern game, in which control becomes the real necessity. These grandmasters have studied the games that their parents had played and refused to play by the classic rules and general principles. In other words,more…

Picture 23Narratives

The Slaughter

On Saturday you killed twenty-one chickens and two full-grown geese. You had never killed anything before. You said it was difficult, upsetting, that you were not sure you were doing the right thing, that you hadn’t meant for things tomore…

Picture 121Music

Land of Confusion: The First Video to Totally Confound Me (That Wasn’t “Land Of Confusion”)

I miss videos. I’m sure everyone who remembers MTV playing them misses them. I recently read Craig Marks and Rob Tannenbaum’s I Want My MTV—their love letter to the 1980s and the history of MTV’s Golden Years (’81-’92) as toldmore…

Brad Liening and John JodzioInDialogue

InDialogue: Brad Leining and John Jodzio

On a very cold and very clear morning in January 2012, John Jodzio sat down with me to chat via Facebook about various aspects of life and writing. John regularly packs them in for his readings. Here’s a little moremore…

Picture 40Poetry

Two Poems by Nick Sturm

WHAT A TREMENDOUS TIME WE’RE HAVING! When I am drunk I feel globally positioned I stagger into Denmark like a choir of swans I awaken smelling vaguely of confusion & quinoa My moist visage stares back at me The landscapemore…

Picture 39Poetry

A Poem by Theodore Worozbyt

Winged Elm

Picture 120Music


I’ve been an accordion player, among other things and with varying interpretations of the word “professional,” for a little over ten years. I’ve written at some length about the specific baggage that comes form identifying with that particular instrument, somore…

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