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Picture 168Poetry

Three Poems by Rebecca Porte

You claim some golden age is upon us When you need me most, I am quicksilver, mad as a hatter, falling with the Perseids. We enter the hungry atmosphere of the planet, so many white scars of evening, pass throughmore…

Picture 163Poetry

Two Poems by Andrew Booth

The Game Show For her birthday, I got Emily a ticket to this game show called PuddingPool! where contestants swim in a large pool of chocolate pudding & search for a golden vibraphone. I could only get one ticket. Themore…

Picture 161Poetry

Two Poems by Matthew Guenette

Televised Sport You’re standing at a dark podium. The auditorium (more like a stadium) is packed. There’s a book light but its switches are twitchy as flies. All you get are blue wisps of smoke and a stuttering glow. Yourmore…

Picture 171Narratives

Gas Head Tells All

Q: Tell me, Gas Head, do you cry? A: If you mean do I produce saline tears, then no. I weep a concentrated solution of gasoline and mucus that’s closer to Napalm, so I’ve learned to keep it all in…Imore…

Picture 157Poetry

Two Poems by Sampson Starkweather

from La La La who knew something so broken could keep breaking is it impetus or impotence of dreams see I’m a star collapsing a new degree of black I think I left the burner on I admit it Imore…

Picture 169Narratives

The Wilds

The cowboy has fallen asleep in the saddle again and been carried into the wilds of the howling night by a horse named Division. He hears the wolves of the prairies like drunk rustlers on the shit-strewn streets of whiskeymore…

Picture 178Narratives

The Salt Collector

Six months after Dillon traded west coast for east, after his wife and father had gone, after the summer ended and continued to end, after he bought a beachfront house in Brigantine and filled every empty room with furniture thatmore…

Picture 156Poetry

Two Poems by Anne Cecelia Holmes

In Our Heads I Place a Bet Getting older is how I think about you when I stop thinking about myself. When you drag out the snow plow there’s a glint all around like maybe you’ve stopped moving, maybe it’smore…

Picture 155Poetry

Three Poems by Gregory Lawless

You commission someone to paint a picture of
the worst thing you’ve ever done.

Picture 154Poetry

A Poem by Allen Edwin Butt

Photon You would think the churchbells had an ending, but the contract law was only a reminder that the fistfight brought to light what we already knew, that, namely, ding dong ding (& other phonemes along those lines) drift, driftmore…

Picture 153Poetry

Two Poems by Molly Dorozenski

Smalltime It’s ok to do what is easy. I am amazed every time I say that. Some days, I might not leave the room. When I do, I am going to be wary. I have one special dress left. Imore…

June 13, 2012 | 7pm | Free

InDigest Issue #24 Launch Party

with Andrew Booth, Lindsay D’Andrea, Molly Dorozenski, Mitchell Jackson, Joseph Riippi, Sampson Starkweather, and more.
Hosted by Dustin Nelson and Ashleigh Lambert

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