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Picture 5Poetry

A Poem by Anthony Opal

Sequence Collapse Fox Vox in brown socks. A man tends to a body in the crematorium. It is my father, lit from the inside like an ember. So much for daydreaming, for nay-saying. So much for shaking like a leafmore…

Picture 13Poetry

Two Poems by David Blair

Revere Beach in Spring Forget that purple seaweedy end of it, with the gross stuff and the carnivorous sandflies in the rattle of dried grasses, obligatory pieces of dried shit, the bad stories the phytoplankton tell the sea worms, themore…


Dave Rollins

I’ve been familiar with Dave Rollins’ small-scale sculpture and metalsmithing work for years, so seeing his recent series of large pedestal sculptures that he presented for his MFA thesis “Fully Saturated” at Cranbrook Academy, I was surprised at what seemedmore…

Nate PrittsPoetry

Three Poems by Nate Pritts

UNTITLED (10/25/2011) I see you open the door. Many seconds before you walk through it the rush of autumn breeze carries your scent to me: raspberries, the quiet of your hair. I use my receipt for a bookmark so Imore…

Picture 12Poetry

A Poem by Jennifer Mackenzie

Small White Bed Carving nudes in Styrofoam Art crouches shoving moss into its mouth inquiring Why should we persist as a whisper, nuptial itch of a contra-etching of its Do not contemplate us           Mr. )more…

Picture 4Poetry

Two Poems by AM Fisher

German Shepherd Let me be a monk. Send me to the monastery near me; They make cheesecake and they make jam with their friends, the nuns. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… Worsted Yarn So hung— over and out of it you put a Björkmore…

Picture 11Poetry

A Poem by Rich Ives

Heart, Eyes And here is the light handing out little favors, caressing your neck like a memory of fishbones. Your birdheart has flown, tired friend, and without its blue memory, its eager brightness trembling with excitement, consumed by anything, anythingmore…

Picture 3Poetry

Three Poems by Steven D. Schroeder

Each One Goes Alone Late-night regret comes on as a brunette Is a bullshit line yet felt right at the time. When you pick a new city for foliage and brick In promotional photos, the baggage follows. Of course, themore…


Two Poems by Caitlin Dwyer

Assisted Self-Immolation Your voice over the phone Recorded, no fresh meat to it Smells stale, like cigarette ash On paper dolls I used to pin Pinks and silks, big hats Paper hooks that slipped off the shoulders All dressing andmore…

featured Harry HoudiniNarratives

Helpful Hints for Young Magicians Under Eighty

In winning your audience, remember that “Manners make fortunes,” so don’t be impertinent. An old trick well done is far better than a new trick with no effect. Never tell the audience how good you are; they will soon findmore…

Picture 16Narratives

Names of the Legion

Listen: “Names of the Legion” by Lech Harris

Picture 2Narratives

The Italian Afternoon

She lies on a rented Persian rug in the late afternoon sunlight, clutching a rose pillow to her breast and wishing it were a living thing. A book of Goethe lies open beside her, ignored now for several long minutes.more…

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