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Picture 7Poetry

Two Poems by John Hogan

SELF-PORTRAIT AS HORSE THIEF Loafed too long. Became what I despised. Was meant to be the hobble, to canter to her stride. Like West Texas teardrops, the patterns of her coat dust my mind— I rope what I’m given tomore…

Picture 15Poetry

Four Poems by Marcus Slease

Deliberate Bardo My creature is filled with creatures. Too hasty. Too greedy to sit still. A girl with tiny stars down her spine. I lost a stone and went from this to this. We are walking uphill with a flashlight.more…

Picture 6Poetry

Three Poems by D.W. Lichtenberg

TESS’ ROOM I had a dream I was in Tess’ room. She had even more sticky notes on her walls than I do. I am reading one of them. It says, That was one of those moments where you admittedmore…



I was heading home from work when I saw it: a downtown intersection blocked off, emergency vehicles and bystanders spiraling out from it like a fallen pinwheel. This is my new role, I told myself, repeatedly, trying to counter mymore…

Abraham Boob-Beard LincolnGallery

Emily Deutchman

I was immediately taken by artist Emily Deutchman’s recent series “President with Boob Faces” as soon as I came across it. In theory the subject matter fits in seamlessly with much of the low-brow amusement we find on the internet,more…

Picture 14Poetry

A Poem by Anne Marie Rooney & Ben Pelhan

What the Sky Was Doing Not much to speak of. There was light Blue and lighter blue. A bird. Three telephone poles doing something truly horrible. The bird sneezed and a fourth was born. So this is how things getmore…

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