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Picture 6Narratives

The Disappointed Ant

The disappointed ant understood the power of making chapbooks and packaging them and mailing them to people in the fight against depression, despair, and loneliness. He made three chapbooks a night using his antennae to carefully glue motes of sandmore…


A Poem by Ingrid Chung

A Mid-Tour Poem                            (for Kase) He came back tall. with match blacked eyes & a fear of fireworks. We sat on the sidewalk legs crossed eyes covered, dawdling – a smoking cigarette not being smoked, my peelingmore…

Picture 43Poetry

Three Poems by Brad Liening

Heir Presumptive Even if you do sprout wings, how can you be sure that once the natal mucus is shucked off they won’t be spindly, bedraggled, fused badly out of joint, bat like, already weather-beaten, hammered,

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