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Beware the Shopocalypse: An Interview with Reverend Billy

by: Dustin Luke Nelson This interview with Billy Talen is reprinted from a previous issue of InDigest. As Mr. Talen is the Green Party candidate for Mayor of New York City, we though it apt to include this interview inmore…


Tomorrow’s Tiring

by Jimmy Chen Each party was documented extensively using digital cameras. Everybody at the party took pictures of the party—either of other people, or more commonly, of themselves with other people, using a method in which one extends one’s armsmore…


A poem by Eric Gudas

Daylight Savings Today, as we leaned back in the wobbly chairs at our kitchen table, a radio announcer bleated That it was eleven when we’d thought it was noon. The morning suddenly seemed ecstatic: lukewarm coffee In my battered tinmore…

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