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Two Poems by Mandy Herrick

Bob Dylan’s Cell Phone this ear full of stories, questions, burdens falling lonely and listening to the bouncing of beauty sweeping, listening is all that can keep a bullet from hiding and finding itself buried in the glaring blue lightmore…

Picture 207Poetry

Three Poems by Michael Ogletree

Look at You in That Crown!   I’m sitting in your room because everything I have undone has been transplanted like a tombstone rubbing or democracy, & though whispering shadows may say the same words, it’s not the same insidemore…

Picture 47Poetry

A Poem by Stephen Burt

After Virgil for Jordan Ellenberg, father of Caleb At last, today, we can talk about something else– about rock and roll again, for example, or about the relative merits of green and black tea, about anything that we know willmore…

Picture 43Poetry

Three Poems by Brad Liening

Egad All this blood pooling in my shoes plus what was that thumping through your ten gallon hat? Let me call you back I say about a hundred times a day, promises breaking even as they’re made and still youmore…


The Town Secrets

a novel excerpt by Meakin Armstrong Grace works at Minot’s Drug Store. She stands at the register, beneath a giant wall clock hanging above her like a full moon. All around are little sealed packages promising so much and everythingmore…


Interior Illusions

a novella excerpt by Lech Harris WHAT ARE INTERIOR ILLUSIONS? Interior illusions, or “sunken pictures,” are private images that the mind conjures up when gazing upon a particular object or pattern. These images are visual in nature; that is tomore…


Hunting Bambi

by J. Albin Larson Ernie Carlson had been hunting Bambi for one hour and forty seven minutes.  Heat and sweat covered him like a fever although the woods he tramped through were dense and shady, with only a few straymore…

Picture 46Poetry

Two Poems by Erica Wright

Mermaid I I used to think the devil lived in Fayetteville, Tennessee, though there’s a sort of godliness in the abandoned music shop where a Romanian teen once bellowed at me over a violin, To play, this hand must bemore…

Picture 45Poetry

Two Poems by Ada Limón

61 Trees While he went into the 7-11 to pick up coffee and lottery tickets, she fooled with the radio dial. She found a familiar public radio voice and reclined her seat. Someone had figured out how to determine themore…


Three Poems by Meggie Elder

taxis it’s amazing to think of things like colorful salmon skin and fresh toads and how children can kill them without noticing too much. somehow they just turn into stuffed animals with their insides jangling.

Picture 42Poetry

Two Poems by Jess Grover

ugly mushlin oh my oh my mushlin finally met his older woman & can call fairly it an affair since in 3 months she leaves (being a foreign service officer which I do not exactly know

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