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Events in Minneapolis This Week

02.22 Wild Nothing and Abe Vigoda (the band not the actor) come to Minnesota. Both groups have been blowing up very quickly. Catch this show because you probably won’t see them in a venue this small again. They play themore…

Picture 89InDialogue

InDialogue: Catherine Michele Adams and J.C. Hallman

Photographer/Editor Catherine Michele Adams and writer J.C. Hallman live together in St. Paul, Minnesota. This discussion was conducted via Facebook. There were several preliminary discussions (some going back years, actually), some shared preparatory reading, and an aborted first effort atmore…

Picture 9Narratives

The Epiphenomenon

The average man is not what he used to be. At first, he thinks this is normal. The average is a function of time and one can reasonably expect to remain average only for so long. In history’s current predicamentmore…

Picture 9Narratives


We gave ourselves a warning sign about Dalrymple—we refused to call him doctor—but we didn’t heed it, so it’s fair to say we brought this on ourselves.  He wasn’t the kind of guy that put you on the lookout formore…

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