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Picture 2Poetry

Two Poems by Jeff Alessandrelli

“When the mouth dies who misses you?”—John Berryman Beautiful birdsong but flourished off-kilter, half-askew, so the dead hijack the ground with not their bodies but their still-resilient lips. Flirty at a campfire, tucked in by a half-believable ghost story ismore…


Things Entertaining Me

1. The New York Time posted a photo essay on research being done on fat monkeys. Though, they weren’t fat before the testing. It’s kind of sad. One of the monkeys is named Chris Farley. 2. Geoff Herbach just releasedmore…


November 1207, What Was Read

As it tends to happen every month, InDigest 1207 is punctuated by authors reading the work of those they admire. Or at least the work of those they’ve previously read. At the November reading both James Hannaham (look out formore…

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