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LitSourcing: Out of the Binders

We’ve kind of tried similar things before, but as we gets things going with InDigest again after a bit of a break, we’re going to try and round up some good crowdsourced projects on a semi-regular basis. The idea ismore…

Coldfront LogoNews

Go on. Support Coldfront.

Go on. Support Coldfront. They’re doing great things, publishing smart reviews, and generally supporting poetry in ways that not many publications online are. So, give a little. It’s that time of year or whatever anyhow.

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Cloud Writing

Kurt Braunohler is an interesting comedian. “Interesting” is vague. His comedy verges on performance art. That’s what I meant. It often works to achieve an end beyond comedy in many ways, which separates it from a lot of comedy wheremore…

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InDigest TV 1.5

The Shellphone Loudspeaker is our Kickstarter project of the week. (For now, we will pretend that this is the only Kickstarter project in this post.) It’s a beautiful, simple idea: repurposing shells as an amplification system for iPhones. We likemore…

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InDigest TV, vol. 1.3

Eileen Myles is reading poems with puppets on YouTube. This one is called “Vista.” Though, the puppet kind of looks like a doll to me. Nonetheless, it’s awesome, and I hope there’s more of this and Eileen Myles in generalmore…


Careful’s New Recording Sings Softly, Carries Major Stick

Eric Lindley’s recording alias Careful surpassed a Kickstarter goal by a precarious nine dollars back in April. Those nine bucks were good news to listeners who enjoyed 2010’s Oh Light, which earned Careful a pick in the New York Timesmore…

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Fund a Magazine

Yesterday I had three Kickstarter publishing projects sent over to me, and after reading that less that 32% of Kickstarter publishing projects actually get funded — while music is at a healthy 54.18% and the overall success rate is aroundmore…


Today is the Last Day of Our Kickstarter Project!!!

Today is the final day of our Kickstarter project. Thanks to everyone who has supported us and everything we’re doing here. Our new site is in development, and we can’t wait to share it with you. If you haven’t supportedmore…


Help Fund the New York Poetry Festival

The New York Poetry Festival is a really great annual event on Governor’s Island in New York. If you’re going, buy your tickets through their Kickstarter project and help make the festival possible. Today is the last day to donatemore…


4 Days Till Our Kickstarter Project Ends!

Hey Everyone! Thanks for your support so far, we hit our goal, and we’ve only got four days to go. But we’ve got a new goal. We want to get to $3,000 by the deadline to help us launch anothermore…


Of Podcasts and Kickstarting

Hey everyone. Wanted to make a quick note to you all about our podcasts and about our Kickstarter project. 1. Sorry for the erratic-ness of the podcasts the last two weeks. They’ll be back to a normal schedule soon. It’smore…


Eric Lindley / Careful and the Kickstarter Crusade

There’s about 24 hours left to support Eric Lindley’s Kickstarter campaign, raising funds for the recording and distribution of his new album. Eric has contributed to InDigest a couple of times in the past. We’ve published some of his poemsmore…

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