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Gray HairPoetry

Two Poems by Gregory Lawless

Little Matter For Jack Christian We thought it was a new kind of thinking. The new kid did it, eyes closed, feet in the air. He pushed the wind around like a bully. His movements were otherwise alphabetical. We linedmore…


Closed City: Open City Mag Says Goodbye

In my email chain from Open City, a hardly bittersweet, though somber message arrived from its editors today, with this terse line as its opener: “Open City Magazine is closing after twenty years.”  Its magazine’s clean and unintimidating format led among the topmore…


A Literary Escape Through escarp

A lot of people cite technology as an enemy of literature—a mind-numbing, fast-paced distraction from activities like reading that require an attention span a bit longer than the character limit on Twitter.  escarp literary magazine is attempting to turn thismore…

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