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Poem of the Day

Poem of the Day: Matthew Daddona’s “Poem for Leaving”

Listen: Matthew Daddona’s “Poem for Leaving Friday’s Poem of the Day Podcast features Matthew Daddona’s poem “Poem for Leaving,” which originally appeared in InDigest issue #19. Matthew Daddona has written for various publications in Philadelphia and Long Island. He currentlymore…

Matthew Rohrer Destroyer and PreserverReviews

A Review of Matthew Rohrer’s Destroyer and Preserver

In his collection of lectures and essays The Triggering Town, Richard Hugo apprises, “The opposition is far more dramatic if you don’t call attention to it.” Matthew Rohrer’s newest collection Destroyer and Preserver is proof of this counsel, a vitalmore…


George Harrison Widow to Release Bio of George

As has been reported by Publishers Weekly and other sources, a new biography of George Harrison written by Harrison’s widow, Olivia Harrison, will be released this Fall to coincide with the release of Martin Scorsese’s documentary. Living in the Material World,more…


In Translation: Deconstructive Invention

Not to pun on the merits of ”poetic license,” but poets have always been entitled to a sort of stylistic freedom. Thus forms one of the branches of Modernist study, a departure from continuity and overall comprehension to a fascination withmore…


What Can We Learn From Borders’ Failure?

As Borders closes and shuts down 200 stores, this insightful article by Evan Schnittman, Managing Director at Bloomsbury Publishing, sheds lights on the surging e-book industry and paints a dubious picture for bookstores everywhere which are struggling to compete withmore…


Fu@!ing Brilliant! Three New Works of Elizabeth Bishop

I was first introduced to Elizabeth Bishop’s work by the poet Tim Wood who called it, “Often traditional in form and structure and ahead of its time in content and spirit, about to deconstruct at any moment.”  These were themore…


Ten Things Entertaining Me

1. Paul Haggis is at the center of a fascinating exposé on Scientology in the latest issue of the New Yorker. Everything about the religion is fascinating. On August 19, 2009, Tommy Davis, the chief spokesperson for the Church ofmore…


A Poem by Matthew Daddona

Poem for Leaving (for Kyla Bary) I Is it the feeling you’re 4,000 miles away and have left the oven on? Someone will notice


Luckily We Won’t Meet Holden Caulfield Again

As Publishers Weekly reported on Tuesday, the rights to Holden Caulfield and a subsequent book in North America will remain under control of the Salinger estate. If you remember, Salinger, who died January 27, 2010, spent his last year battlingmore…


The Next Great Epic Poem…

Written in 1876 by Herman Melville while he was working as a customs collector, “Clarel” is the longest poem in American literature, expanding over 18,000 lines. Outside of a small number of scholars who study it, however, its presence ismore…


Matthew Daddona’s Favorite Book Trailers of 2010

Marking its territory among book and publishing blogs, the book trailer is an elusive marketing scheme, fed through editors and authors’ email chains until it, maybe, hits “mainstream.” Gary Shteyngart’s 2009 Super Sad True Love Story had a nice runmore…

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