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Poem of the Day

Poem of the Day: Matthew Pennock – “After Shooting the Texas Chupacabra”

Listen: Matthew Pennock – “After Shooting the Texas Chupacabra” Today’s poem is a poem that we published in a back issue of InDigest by Matthew Pennock called “After Shooting the Texas Chupacabra,” which you can read here. Matthew Pennock receivedmore…

Picture 81Poetry

Two Poems by Matthew Pennock

After Shooting the Texas Chupacabra it was determined to be a coyote. How disappointing. As is the day— Miles away, hunters imitate ducks in quiet wetlands, then a gunshot. A group of birds squawk skyward.


November 1207, What Was Read

As it tends to happen every month, InDigest 1207 is punctuated by authors reading the work of those they admire. Or at least the work of those they’ve previously read. At the November reading both James Hannaham (look out formore…

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