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Cellist Mariel Roberts on Nonextraneous Sounds

Given the content of her album, Nonextraneous Sounds, the grace with which cellist Mariel Roberts conducts conversation shouldn’t be surprising. Somehow, though, it’s a shock when a musician can both execute such demanding repertoire and be able to speak eloquentlymore…

Balmorhea Stranger 2News

Balmorhea’s Rob Lowe Discusses New Album ‘Stranger’

Balmorhea‘s rolling, tuneful soundscapes are best enjoyed while watching Planet Earth with the TV on mute. No offense intended towards Sir David Attenborough, but something in the Austin-based, six-piece ensemble’s gift for ebb and flow lends itself effortlessly to illustratingmore…


Careful’s New Recording Sings Softly, Carries Major Stick

Eric Lindley’s recording alias Careful surpassed a Kickstarter goal by a precarious nine dollars back in April. Those nine bucks were good news to listeners who enjoyed 2010’s Oh Light, which earned Careful a pick in the New York Timesmore…

Picture 116Music

Petty Humiliations in the Life of an Accordion Player

There are countless small humiliations attendant on being an accordion player for – for lack of a better phrase – a living. It is an instrument upon which has been loaded the better part of a century’s worth of culturalmore…

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Here Today, Gone…Tomorrow, Maybe? The Uncertain Future of the One Hit Wonder in the Digital Age

I used to think Nirvana was the reason Alannah Myles was a one hit wonder. I never liked Alannah Myles. We’ve never met, and she’s Canadian, so I’m sure she’s lovely. It’s that song of hers that grated on me—stillmore…


Literary and Arts event in the Twin Cities This Week

(With the new issue and illnesses and platypi infestations we’ve had to push this week’s event listings back until Wednesday…gasp…sorry….hope you managed without us.) 05.11 One of our favorite comedians, Maria Bamford, a Minnesota native, is doing a run atmore…


Micro Essays on The Lisps’ sophomore LP Are We at the Movies?

“Dreamhouse.” Sometimes I feel embarrassed that you can so clearly understand all the lyrics in my music. It feels a little passé. Perhaps to be a cool indie band you have to bury everything underneath lots of delay and reverb.more…


The Troubadour and the Patron

by Franz Nicolay For four thousand years, there were two ways to make a living as a musician. You could be a troubadour. That is, strap your harp or lute or hurdy-gurdy on your back and travel town to town.more…


Literary and Arts Events in the Twin Cities This Week

04.25 Bookhouse in Dinkeytown presents “Shakespeare’s Use of Myth”: a brief summary of Ted Hughes’ analysis in his book Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being, a lecture by Ben Kreilkamp. 04.26 Books and Bars meets up tonight at themore…


On the Recording of Tapes ‘n Tapes’ Outside

Note: It’s been over 7 months since we finished mastering Outside and about a year since we were done writing it, so some facts here may be distorted, left out, or fictional.  These are some of my thoughts on howmore…


What We Missed

Nathan Englander and Zadie Smith in conversation [Guernica] 2011′s Most Anticipated Books [Daily Beast] “Imago” by Franz Wright [Poetry] “The Only Baby in Babytown” by Michael Ogletree [Weird Deer] “Just Saying” by Rae Armantrout [Poetry] A new issue of Hobartmore…


InDigest Song of the Day: Salem – “Asia” (oOoOO remix)

Listen: Salem – “Asia” (oOoOO Remix) Salem’s beautiful, bass heavy, atmosphere washed melodies have made them one of my favorite groups of 2010 and despite the backlash, King Night is fantastic. It’s devoid of the distortion washes, surf homages, andmore…

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