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Picture 16Narratives

Names of the Legion

Listen: “Names of the Legion” by Lech Harris

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The Italian Afternoon

She lies on a rented Persian rug in the late afternoon sunlight, clutching a rose pillow to her breast and wishing it were a living thing. A book of Goethe lies open beside her, ignored now for several long minutes.more…



I was heading home from work when I saw it: a downtown intersection blocked off, emergency vehicles and bystanders spiraling out from it like a fallen pinwheel. This is my new role, I told myself, repeatedly, trying to counter mymore…

Screen Shot 2012-07-01 at 1.04.05 AMInDefinite Podcast

InDefinite Podcast Episode #34: Tyler McMahon

Listen: Episode #34: Tyler McMahon This week’s podcast features Tyler McMahon reading from his new novel How the Mistakes Were Made, a novel about the rise and fall of a punk rock band. Here he reads from the first chaptermore…


Cafe Metropole

She has trouble with the public. Their rubbery face mask. She likes the table by the window. She has pain somewhere in the vagueness of her body, a shape below her head. She wants to fly out of the topmore…


Do We?

000 – Computer science, information & general works ▪                001 Knowledge I meet him online. Or he meets me online. He messages me first. And I am in bed, bored, online because online is how I meet men, and anmore…

Picture 19Narratives


Aurora summoned me to her office via text. Learning she had my number and an actual office unsettled me. The weather had warmed after the holidays and I trudged to the admissions building in my brother’s hunting boots, leaving pocketsmore…

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